We believe that Intellectual Property is the lifeblood of all viable and innovative industries like the Aviation, Banking, Electricity and Oil and Gas Industry.
Our clients include leading Energy companies in the world.

We cater for the needs of foremost Oil and Gas Company looking for law firms with talented Legal Counsel Intellectual Property.
We confirm our client’s specific needs and try to understand the legal needs/function in the Oil and Gas Companies we service. We ask questions about what our clients prefer its legal function to be like is it business oriented? Is it focused on adding value through partnering?
As a firm we bring a strategic mind set and high performance attitude to the table which allows us a law firm to help shape the business and drive towards our client’s ambition to become the world’s most competitive and innovative energy company.

We treat our clients with the utmost care, paying attention to the number of patent assets and number of Trademarks as well as a wealth of technical knowhow.

Our client routinely seeks to exploit their intellectual property through collaboration, joint ventures, licensing and other means, and to gain access to third party intellectual property and technology.

Our firm’s Oil and Gas Intellectual Property (IP) Practice based in Lagos, Nigeria, – is many an Oil and Gas Company’s multi-disciplinary centre of expertise for the protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights worldwide. These include rights such as patents, trademarks, designs and copyright.

Our Typical Responsibilities Include:
• Formulating, drafting and negotiating contractual arrangements with external/internal parties relating to the creation, protection, defense, enforcement and exploitation of intellectual property rights and technology.

• Safeguarding an Oil and Gas Company’s position in all IP related agreements.

• Advising on all aspects of technology transfer/acquisition.

• Evaluating and advising on terms offered by third parties for the creation, acquisition or transfer of technology.

• Providing advice, in consultation with the relevant in-house patent and trade mark attorneys, to designated businesses on managing intellectual property assets to gain optimal protection of our clients (Oil and Gas Company) position as a technology company with a strong brand focus.

• Ensuring having adequate knowledge on national/international laws relating to technology transfer.

• Liaising with Legal/Intellectual Property Services staff based in house.

We have the ability to present lucidly and defend the Oil and Gas Company’s business position in contacts with third parties, and give clear, sound and reliable advice on intellectual property matters.
We are more than capable of assessing the best commercial interests of our client, we are able to express concepts and procedures in clear, unambiguous written language as the basis for accurate recording of the legal terms agreed by the parties to a transaction.

We have professionals with Legal degrees, with IP experience, demonstrated affinity to IP and professional experience as in house lawyers and at law firms.

Megathos Law Practice.

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