Saraki seeks amendment to NOSDRA Act


Saraki seeks amendment to NOSDRA Act

The Chairman, Senate Committee on Ecology and Environment, Dr. Bukola Saraki, has said that there is the need to amend the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (Establishment) Act 2006.

According to a statement on Wednesday from Saraki’s Special Assistant, Advocacy and Media, Mr. Bamikole Omishore, the Senator is seeking re-designation of the agency as ‘National Oil Pollution Management Agency.’

Saraki said the bill, which he was sponsoring in the Senate, sought to create a more proactive oil spill management and regulation system. He added that it also sought to punish severely irresponsible environmental degradation caused by oil and gas exploitation.

According to Saraki, the bill, if passed, will set out a firm penalty and elaborate compensation regime to compensate people, whose livelihoods and lives are adversely impacted by these spills.

He said, “When this amendment passes through and becomes law, it will equip the agency to hold polluters to internationally acceptable standards.”

Part of the bill reads, “There is established an agency to be known as the National Oil Pollution Management Agency (in this Act referred to as the agency)” with the responsibility to prevent, detect, minimise and respond to all oil spillages and pollution as well as gas flaring and leakages and other hazardous and obnoxious substances in the petroleum sector, coordinate private sector participation in oil pollution management, have access to the ‘Oil Spillage Liability Trust Fund’ as set up by law.”


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