Egbin Power Plant plans to build a liquefied natural gas terminal to solve a severe shortage of gas

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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for export is great… However, LNG to power has become imperative for an energy starved Lagos!
Light Up Lagos!

Lagos is reported to have a population of over 20 million people and is still growing, Lagos is said to consume over 40% of the premium motor spirit consumed by Nigeria as a whole on a daily basis. Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has been drumming up support for his light up Lagos plan, this liquefied natural gas terminal might just be the tipping point for him…

Lagos has the opportunity to become the LNG import hub for Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
Egbin to the rescue…

Owners of Nigeria’s largest power plant located at Egbin Power Plant near Lagos are planning to build an LNG import terminal, as it seeks to solve an acute shortage of gas according to Chief Executive Officer Dallas Peavey.

What is LNG?

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